Cedar Paneling - 1/2" x 4 1/2" Tongue & Groove

1/2" thick X 4 1/2" wide Tongue & Groove Cedar Paneling 8' 10' 12' Lengths

Finished Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Paneling in Hallway of HomeAromatic Cedar is beautiful, fragrant and the heartwood biotically inhibits ordor, insects, fungi & bacteria.  Our cedar tongue and groove paneling is ideal for saunas and lining closets or chests. Cedar paneling makes great wall covering and ceilings in any room. 

Our 1/2" X 4 1/2" cedar tongue and groove paneling is available in 4' lengths packaged in 14 pcs (21 sq ft max coverage) and 8' lengths packaged in 12 pcs (36 sq ft max coverage) available for purchase online and shipped via UPS. 

10' and 12' length paneling are available but must be shipped via common carrier, call today for a quote.

Call for special freight and pricing on orders 500 square feet and greater

Picture of 48" length (14pcs)
48" length (14pcs)
48" (14pcs) 21 square feet per box. Free Shipping.
Old price: $67.20
Price: $59.95
Picture of 96" length (12pcs)
96" length (12pcs)
96" (12pcs) 36 square feet per box. Free Shipping.
Old price: $153.00
Price: $139.99