Privacy notice

The Sawle Mill respects your privacy. However, we must collect certain personally identifiable information about you to provide the best possible online experience and to facilitate the purchase and shipping of your order. We will always store any information we collect about you on-site and securely and digitally encrypted. We may from time to time share information we collect from you with third-parties such as our merchant service provider. In such instances we will always securely transmit your data in a secure encrypted format, and the third-parties may only retain the information securely and for as long as is necessary to perform the service or function, or as otherwise prescribe by law. 

Because we do collect and retain data about our users, this site is not intended to be used by individuals who are not US citizens or who are under the age of 21. Use of our site by these persons is a material breach of or terms of service. We believe that we should treat our customers and users data as we would want our data to be treated for this reason if we believe that we have been targeted by malicious third-parties we reserve the right to immediately delete any and all users data if we have reason to believe that an ongoing attempt is being made to for unauthorized access to your data. If we discover that your data has been accessed without authorization as described above we will contact you to advise you of the potential for unauthorized access and any rights you may have under the law. We believe that if you feel uncomfortable in our collection or handling of your data that you should be able to request that we destroy any electronic data which we have retained about you. Such requests may require authentication but once we have determined the authenticity of the request we will remove and destroy and electronic data that we have stored about you. During normal business days (excluding weekends and holidays) we will remove such information within 24 hours and during extraordinary periods (weekends and holidays), in no more than 36 hours. We also believe in transparency all of the data that we have stored about you is available for review by accessing your account from our website.

However, in the event that you have posted a product review or on our public forum those posts will NOT be removed.